The registered version of Win-EQF* is available exclusively from K1XN's GoShop, home of the GoList - the world's #1 source of QSL routes and managers. Payments are accepted via PayPal, meaning that you can easily pay with your credit card as well. 

Pricing info:

Registered version of Win-EQF* 
USD 59.95

Replacement registration code
(from January 1, 2013)
USD 15


Note: the upgrade discount which was available from July 2010 throughout July 2012, is no longer available.

You are encouraged to download & try before you buy.

On purchasing Win-EQF* you get FREE access to upgrades, as long as the major version number remains the same (v. 2 means you'll be entitled to versions 2.01, 2.50, 2.73, etc. at NO EXTRA CHARGE).

Win-EQF* products are available by electronic delivery only, all orders are handled by K1XN.

Please include your callsign in the "instructions to merchant" PayPal field as this will help us speed up order processing.

Proceed to the GoShop online store >>


Note: Effective from January 1, 2013, replacement registration codes for Win-EQF* will be charged at US$ 15. Users who have already purchased Win-EQF* v. 2.xx and later changed  their callsign, requesting a new registration code for their new callsign (which is NOT required for any practical purpose) will also be charged the $15 fee for a new registration code. Proof of previous/new callsign is required. This option will be be available from January 1, 2013. Again: there is no *requirement* for a new registration code if you change your callsign. Orders should be placed in the GoShop, follow the link above.