Win-EQF* for Windows provides sophisticated logging and station control features in a flexible and straight-forward package.

Tired of all those windows popping up and cluttering your screen in your present logger - or a logging program which only requires some 500 MB of support libraries to keep track of your contacts? Give our logging software a test drive and stop fighting with your computer when you should have on-the-air fun logging QSOs!


February 2015: 20+ years of Log-EQF/Win-EQF/Win-EQF*, now QRT

Win-EQF* sample logging screen - click to enlarge.

Win-EQF* prospered for a while, but endless feature and support requests simply require too much time. As a result, several changes were implemented in late December, 2014. None of these changes proved to be very successful, and Win-EQF* will go commercially QRT as of February 4, 2015.

Win-EQF* version 3.01 will probably be the last version of Win-EQF*, bringing a 20+ years legacy to an end.

Please do not email the author with your support requests.



Win-EQF* end of commercial development and email support

As of December 1, 2014 - Win-EQF* is no longer commercially available. Win-EQF* has entered the DONATIONWARE era. Further investment of time in developing Win-EQF* will only be made if donations indicate there is a public interest in the program (NOTE: as of February, 2015 there are no indications that there is a public interest in Win-EQF*).

Please also note that all email support has been completely withdrawn.



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