The Win-EQF* support forum is hosted by Google Groups.

Posting messages in the forum is available to registered members only. Membership is open to anyone with interest in Win-EQF and/or Win-EQF*. Apply below and make sure you include your callsign in the nickname request. There is no other way to join the group than enrolling directly with Google Groups. DO NOT EMAIL LA6VJA to be enrolled.  

Please note: General politeness and respect for your fellow hams is encouraged, though the group will not be moderated except in extreme cases.

Please follow this link if you're looking for our contact information. Note that email support has been discontinued.


Frequently asked questions

Can I use my logbook from another logging program with Win-EQF* ?
Does Win-EQF* work with Windows 7 or Windows 8 ?
Does Win-EQF* work with Windows 95/98/ME?
How does Win-EQF* determine the latitude/longitude of a DX station?
What's the address of the contest calendar used by Win-EQF* ?
Does Win-EQF* use an open file format?
What TNCs and data controllers will work with Win-EQF* ?
Can Win-EQF* use both a TNC and a Telnet DX cluster at the same time?
How can I apply filtering to spots from the DX Cluster?
Can Win-EQF* connect via CC Cluster?
How to create a macro for use in the Win-EQF* terminal window?
Will the WKUSB (WinKeyer USB) work with Win-EQF* ?
How can I send CW from Win-EQF* ?
No echo from the WinKey CW keyer when sending CW?
Can a serial-line CW keyer and rig control share the same COM port?
Sending CW using the RigBlaster PLUS interface
How to transfer a Win-EQF v. 1.xx logbook & settings to v. 2.xx ?
How can I transfer logs from another logging program to Win-EQF* ?
ADIF export from Win-EQF* - mode translations?
How can I export my Win-EQF* log to Excel?
How can I move SOME OF my QSOs to a new log?
What rigs will work with Win-EQF*, and what good will it do?
Will Win-EQF* work with my FlexRadio SDR?
How to use more than two rigs with Win-EQF* ?
How to connect my rig to the PC and use it with Win-EQF* ?
What's a COM port?
What's the least expensive way to interface my Icom to Win-EQF* ?
Win-EQF* won't connect to my IC-9100
Win-EQF* won't connect to my Kenwood TS-590
Win-EQF* won't connect to my rig
How to have Win-EQF* and HRD connect to the same rig?
LoTW,, ClubLog and eQSL
How do I submit QSOs for Logbook of the World using Win-EQF* ?
How to import LoTW QSL status into Win-EQF* ?
What's the LoTWUploader?
Known ClubLog and issues
How does Win-EQF* interact with eQSL?
When will support for be available?
How to enter satellite QSO data?
Why is the Win-EQF* CONTEST multiplier scoring not correct for some contests?
How to send contest serial number exchange in WPX-CW?
I haven't received a registration code?
How can I transfer Win-EQF* to a new computer?
Does Win-EQF* require an online license activation?
How do I make the Win-EQF* window larger?
How to ignore a QSO when doing award updates?
Where can I find the Win-EQF* user's manual?
Which mode designators are recognized?
Can Win-EQF* sort my outgoing QSL cards?
What's a master log, as defined by Win-EQF* ?
Does Win-EQF* interface with GlobalQSL?
Can I change the contents of the bandplan files?
What happened to the "window close" button?
Customized label settings ... gone ?!?
How to print labels using a dot-matrix printer?
Can Win-EQF* print QSO data directly on QSL cards?
What label printer do you recommend for use with Win-EQF* ?
Printing QSL labels with a Dymo label printer
Is there a way to turn off DUPE CHECKING?
How do I turn SCROLL LOCK on and off?
How can I add the HAM FONT to Win-EQF* ?
I'm only getting partial data from when doing a database lookup!
What's the THOMSON10kW doing in my Win-EQF* TRACK field?
How to automatically make backup copies of my logs?
What's a QTH locator?
Where are my log files stored?
Submitting a log file to LA6VJA
How to run Win-EQF* with administrator privileges
DYNAZIP error message
Mode translations - MixW QSO Data interface
Starting/stopping the QSO Data interface
Keyboard shortcut for starting MixW
My QSO wasn't imported into Win-EQF* !
Norton/McAfee/etc. lists the website as malicious (virus/trojan/malware, etc.)
Problems with Win-EQF* keyboard shortcuts
Why does Win-EQF* calculate incorrect beam heading and GC distance?
I'm getting the "Could not open TVICH32 driver 0" error message. What to do?
I get an INITIALIZATION ERROR when running DX Atlas from Win-EQF* !
The maximize feature won't maximize the Win-EQF* window!
My mouse doesn't work properly in Win-EQF* !
A number of key combinations don't work!
The function keys (F1, F2, etc.) don't work properly in Win-EQF*
Win-EQF* locks up. Why?
Why does Win-EQF* report the wrong location on Google Maps?
Where can I download the registered version of Win-EQF v. 1.94S?
Where can I find the Win-EQF* support forum?
How to report a problem?
Why a support forum on Google Groups?
What happened to Win-EQF by N3EQF?

Contact information

Email support is no longer available. Please use the Win-EQF* Google Group instead.

Postal address:

Torkel M. Jodalen LA6VJA, P.O.Box 1036 Jeløy, NO-1510 Moss, Norway